Inflatable Pool for Kids Family with Electric Pump

KSh 9,000.00KSh 13,000.00

  • Above Ground Pool: Placed on the grass in the outdoor garden, add water, to become a children ’s paddling pool. Add a lot of ocean balls to become a children’s paradise. Choose a large size, you can swim. The gift cover can also be used as an anti-friction mat for swimming pools.
  • Sturdy: 3-layer PVC mesh design, strong PVC tape + polyester fiber core + strong PVC tape, using the principles of construction mechanics, thickening process, greatly increasing the bearing capacity of the swimming pool wall. After inflation, the air chamber is strong and easily withstands the pressure on the inner wall after being filled with water.
  • Comfortable: Double thick bubble bottom, soft and comfortable. Thickening, wear-resistant, long-term use, good insulation performance. The PVC fabric is smooth and free of burrs. The edge touch is smooth and comfortable.
  • Drainage: The bottom drainage design can be connected to an extended drainage pipe, without manual labor, and easily replace the pool water.
  • Sealing: Three layers of leak-proof inflation ports. The large-diameter gas valve is used for rapid inflation or deflation. The tight lid has good sealing performance.